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  The research topics of the DEEPER group are Renewable Energies, Power Electronics and Electronic Design.
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    This is the DEEPER research group (formerly epYme workgroup) at the University of Valladolid, Spain. DEEPER means "Renewable Energies, Power Electronics and Electronic Design". This group was created in January 2002, and has been recognized as GIR (Recognized Research Group) in Spain.

    The workgroup research mainly focuses on: (a) power electronic converters applied to various fields such as wind and photovoltaic generation, high and low voltage power lines, variable speed drives and battery chargers, (b) real-time simulation of plants and controllers, and (c) development of electronic systems based on microprocessors and reconfigurable devices applied to control and simulation.

    Group members seek to achieve the following objectives in those areas:
      a) Generation of new knowledge in the field of power electronics and electronic design.
      b) Dissemination of this knowledge through publications, patents, conferences and web pages.
      c) Encourage the relationship with institutions and companies.
      d) Generation of economic resources to improve the research infrastructure.
      e) Collaboration in the training of undergraduate, master and Ph.D. students.


eZono AG
Jena, Germany
Boecillo, Valladolid, Spain

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